The Inner Peace ones ☮️

Made from recycled, plastic bags ♻️

☮️ Collected the plastic bags
☮️ Combined the pieces in order to make patterns
☮️ Heat pressed
☮️ Laser-cut the shapes
☮️ Enhanced with natural shell bead
☮️ Sewn together
☮️ Ta-da!

Push-back and clip fastening.

Packed with love and sustainable materials 🥰

Every piece of jewellery from the “Upcycled Collection” is UNIQUE and can be produced only once (silent wow).
Are you into the design? That’s ok! We can make it the same,
BUT the pattern and colours of the plastic-made surface
will not be the same

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg

Gold plated stainless steel/ Recycled Plastic/ Shell


Flower Width: 4cm

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